How to get to Matera

How to get to Matera, the European Capital of Culture in 2019 which is now a must for all lovers of art, architecture and photography lovers.

This city is recommended for all explorers of beauty.

Matera is not a city like any other, not for presumption, but this city manages to strike and excite its visitors and involve them in its history and traditions, you can deepen some topics on what to see in Matera and in the Sassi.

If you have organized your trip and do not know how to get to Matera, here are some useful tips.

Arrive by plane

The nearest airport is Bari Palese.
Shuttle from Bari Palese (Airport) to Matera

Bari 9:15 Matera 10:30

Bari 11:00 Matera 12:15

Bari 14:00 Matera 15:15

Bari 14:40 Matera 15:55

Bari 16:50 Matera 18:15

Bari 00:10 Matera 01:25

Shuttle from Matera to Bari Palese (airport)

Matera 4:55 Bari 6:10

Matera 7:05 Bari 8:25

Matera 10:45 Bari 12:00

Matera 12:00 Bari 13:15

Matera 13:55 Bari 15:15

Matera 19:50 Bari 21:05